urukite (urukite) wrote,

Life in Iraq in the Autum Time

This has been the best part of my tour here. The weather has become amazing. At night the temperature drops to the 60s, rising each day to a dry mid 80s. If I close my eyes and just enjoy the temperature, this is almost idilic. But then I open my eyes and see once again that this is a barren wasteland. The only plants that grow here are some marsh grass in the few wet places near the river, and some scrawny date palms that never bear fruit and a small tree/bush that looks like a sick wheeping willow.

The vote for the new constitution is complete, and now the weeks of counting, arguing over the count and voter irregularities, and litigation over what to do about the irregularities begin. They ideed have learned all they know about democracy from us. Most likely, when all is done, the new constitution will pass and the vote for their final government will begin in December. With any luck, I will be home in Indiana by then.

I have two things to say about the insurgents, they are tenacious, and they thankfully have no idea how to aim a rocket or a mortar. And that's all I have to say about that.

My unit has been amazing. Our mission has changed three times, once included a complete change in equipment. They have frequently been sent to places they had never heard of with minimal guidence of how they were to get their job done when they got there, but they have never failed a mission. For a bunch of National Guard guys, they have done extreemly well. I think they have done a better job than the Active Duty Soldiers next to us, but I might be biased. I will be glad to get them all home and to pin some good awards on them.
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